Gyokuei Eritate Shodo School

・Kana School
108-10 Omino Higashiku Sakai City
E-Mail: Gyokuei Shodo School

Two Days per Month
 Wednesday Course 14:00~21:00
 Saturday Course  14:00~21:00

One day per Month
 Sunday Course  10:00~12:00
 Study Course   13:00~15:00 (Make Work)
・Kanji School(Takashimaya Tomonokai)
2-10-70 Namba-naka Naniwaku Osaka City
Parks Tower the 7th Floor
Takashimaya Tomonokai
Phone : 06-6631-1234(From 10:00 To 18:20)
E-Mail: Gyokuei Shodo School

Two Days per Month(The second and the fourth Tuesday)
 Morning Course  10:30~12:00
 Afternoon Course 13:30~15:30

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